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Johnny's World(2015.12.11-the first day)

Place: Imperial theatre

Date: 11 Dec. 2015

Actors: Shori Sato, Kento Nakajima, A.B.C-Z, Snow Man, SixTONES, Mr.KING, HiHi Jet,

Hiroki Uchi, Johnny’s Jr.


This show is separated two sections.

The first act is “travel of Japanese four seasons”, from January to December.

In this act included song, dance, change masks, flying, sword battle, and more attractive performance.

Koichi Goseki from A.B.C-Z,who is my favorite talent, acted the top dancer of Titanic.

His dance is very smart and very cool. I really like it.

But in this act, his dance was very beautiful and very momentary.

He expressed the pride of top dancer, so he continued dancing to the death.

It was very momentary.

And this year, his costume in this role was very good.

The jacket is glitter white, the inner shirt is glitter blue, and the pants is black with blue stripes.

It suited him.

And he dressed it very well.


In the scene of “World War 2”, Koichi was flying the center of the imperial theatre hall.

I was very moved and very surprised it.

He was in the center, and spoke his scripts.

I was so glad to see him there.


I want to write a lot of things, but I don’t write it well.

Anyway, what I want to write is Koichi was very cool and A.B.C-Z were very attractive.

After all, I like them every day and every hour!