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May the happiness visit at everyday of my future!

REPAIR~Would you repair your life?~ (2015.12.9)

Four men were acted by 4U that members are Yuki Koshioka,Yudai Tatsumi,Yuta Fukuda,and Yusuke Matsuzaki.

Kosshy played Naoki.

Naoki is so clumsy that he cannot get on well with other people. I like it.

Kosshy was acted Naoki’s clumsiness very well.

I was moved.

Fuku-chan played Toru.

Toru is clumsy too, but he is very proud of himself.

Fuku-chan acted its disgusting manner very well.

I was moved and I thought the role of Toru suited him.


I could not watch 4U’s play recently.

I watched them after a long time, they grew up fabulous actors.

Their dance was so cool and so gather well before.

But they grew up not only their dance, but also their acting.

I was very moved and I wanted to watch other their show!

I was very happy to watch a great show.