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Dog Fight(2015.12.17)

This show's stage is San Francisco.

It is a story of the American Marine Corps.

Eddy, who is the American Marines was acted by Tomoyuki Yara.

Eddy and his colleagues played “The Dog Fight” at last night in San Francisco.

“The dog Fight” is the game that the man who picked up a not good girl is a winner.

A winner obtains a big sum.

Eddy searched for a not good girl in the town.

He entered a café and he found the girl who played the guitar alone.

Her name was Rose.

She was a waitress there.

Eddy thought that if I pick up Rose, I will win and get a big sum.

He invited her to the party that playing “Dog Fight”.

At first, Eddy was nothing to think of her.

But he spends time with her, he loved her.

Eddy and Rose spend the last night and the only night in San Francisco together.


This musical was played on Broadway in New York.

This is the first time to play in Japan.

It was very exciting and very attractive show!

Tomoyuki Yara is one of the best dancers in Johnny's.

And I think that he is a good dancer in Japan, too.

His dance was very powerful, attractive, and beautiful.

Every his dance scene was fabulous.

And Ema Miyazawa's voice was so cute, clear, and pure.

It was very familiar.

I fell in love with her voice, immediately.

Tomoyuki and Ema were so cute couple.

This musical made me feel gentle.

I was very happy after this show.

“Dog Fight” gave me the same impression of “She Loves Me”.

“She Loves Me”, which was played on Broadway and played on Japan from December 2009 to January 2010.

I watched this musical many times. It was so fantastic! I really love it.

“Dog Fight” also moved me, too. All elements of this musical was very fantastic!

I want to see it again.

And I think I want to go to New York to see a Broadway musical!