happy happy!!

May the happiness visit at everyday of my future!

Dreams come true!(count down concert 2015-2016)

At first,thank you for my friend who gave us  this concert's tickets!
The last year's count down concert,I don't  even want to remember.
So,I expected this year's concert.
A.B.C-Z appeared in the second in performers.
Set list:
2.Finally Over
3.Shower Gate
Their costumes were my favorit silver and member color glitter suits!
I didn't think that they performed A.B.C-Z LOVE, so I was so exciting!
I like this song because its lylic is very funny and melody is catchy.
And, they performed the last song Shower Gate.
I like this song's dance at the beginning,and ,I saw it the last of year, I was so happy.
This time,the vote of units which fans want to see.
In this concert,the result of vote was announced.
I was very surprised that the unit of Fumito Kawai and Jun Matsumoto was elected #3!!!
I was so happy that I hugged with my friend!
Fumito has liked Jun when he was the young child.
And he has been respected to Jun for a long time.
He plays monomane of Jun's dance sometime and he always says he hopes to perform with Jun.
His wish was come true.
He just looked like one of the fan of Jun,he looked very happy.
At the last, Jun touched Fumito's hair and he tangled with Fumito as cradle the dog.
I was so happy to be able to see this unit.
I think that it will be  one of the my unforgettable concert.
I was very glad to go this concert!
It was the nice beginning of new year!