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The Wonderland is there!(2016.1.3 Tackey &Tsubasa's concert)

I have thought that a concert is a wonderland, interesting world, and likes a dreamland.

When I went to the concert of  Tackey and Tsubasa first time, I felt it storongly.

Since I went to it, I go to it as possible as I can.


Such a Tackey and Tsubasa’s concert, was held in Yokohama arena at January 3rd-4th.

I like that hall because it is easy to see all over the hall.


Before this concert, I went to the museum of noodle in Shin-Yokohama with my friend.

There was visited A.B.C-Z, location of the TV program.

A state of Showa era in Japan was reproduced in the museum.

It was so nostalgic!

And we talked to one of the museum staff. She participated in the location.

We were so happy because she talked with us about this location.


Yokohama arena is a little strange place.

It doesn’t start the first line is 1.

It is different for each block, this block starts line 5, that block starts line 8, and so on.

We went to our seats, and it was the second line!

It was invaluable experience for us.

It was the very exciting concert! They released the new album at last December, so many parts of this concert consisted of those songs. But another part, many popular songs was also played. It was very exciting because we were dancing like them.

In addition to, their costumes usually elaborate.

The song, Pendulum Love, they were wearing black suits and hats.

It was very suitable for this song! And this song’s dance was so cool and stylish.

It was made by Tsubasa. I thought I like his sense of dance!


This concert was quite fun. And I thought their concert is a wonderland, and a dreamland after all! If it will be held next time, I will be sure to go it!