happy happy!!

May the happiness visit at everyday of my future!

Think about the Johnny’s world in this year

The stage, Johnny’s world, ended in January 27th.

Before it started, I decided I wouldn’t go many times.

I went to this show three times after all, it is little for me.


My birthday is January.

I have gone to the imperial theater to watch  A.B.C-Z every year.

I had gotten the ticket for my birthday by myself every year, but this year, I couldn’t get it.

I was so discouraged, but my friend handed over to me the ticket which remained! Thank you my friend!


When A.B.C-Z was decided to play this show, I thought they didn’t need to play it because I had never satisfied

But I saw it this time, it was not good, not bad.

Maybe, I like not only A.B.C-Z but other many Johnny’s Jr.

So I think that it was very awful and tedious for the person who merely likes one person or group.

This is difference in each sense of values. So it can’t be helped.


I felt I like the act Ⅱ, the medley of Sho-nentai.

It was so fantastic! The last song,” Baby baby baby”, almost of casts were singing and dancing on the same stage.

It was so spectacular. The show had lasted, but it looked like to end at its song for me.

Then I thought, this show is not only to watch favorite groups or talents, but also to enjoy the history, atmosphere, and songs of Johnny’s.

Recently, there are a lot of happening to us.

I thought it gave me a dream, and felt wonderful and happy.

It lets me forget such a happening, accidents of my job, and daily unpleasant things.

Therefore, I go to the show to have a dream.