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May the happiness visit at everyday of my future!

What is "Aisare-ryoku"?

This article was written to participate in the below activity.

What things do I try to write about?

When I thought that, I tried to write about my favorit group, A.B.C-Z.
But that thing might be written by someone, so I decided to change a theme.
My writing theme is about my favorite talent, Koichi Goseki ( called “Gocchi”), even among them, about his charm point.
When people think his charm point, the most popular thing is about his dance.
But this time, I try to write another it.

I think his charm point are a lot. If I start to write all of them, this article will become very long.
So, I try to write about the best charm point that I think.
It is the atmosphere that we want to indulge. I call this, the power is loved. (I say in Japanese, “Aisare-ryoku”.)

I think he is used to be loved everyone and thinks that it is natural for him.
Why is it? I consider it.
But I don’t understand.
Because he has never been scolded by dance instructor or because he has been thought like a hero by his family?

I think the best reason is he has been indulged by his group's members.
All of them are younger than him, but I can see they indulge him a lot of scenes.
For example, Tsukachan takes with Gocchi  the Disney Sea against his will, Tottsu has
been thought Gocchi is like a god, Hasshy becomes to take care of him recently.
And, above all, Fumito takes care of Gocchi  like his mother. Perhaps it is more than his real mother.
Anyway, people who are almost of around Gocchi want to indulge him.
Due to this way, present he is become.
Although he doesn’t become arrogant. On the contrary, he is as usual.
I think this character may increase people who are indulged him.

This his style is notably marked is “Honobono-Gocchi”, that writing it serially for a short term now in Johnny’s web. I want you to read the article written at February 1st.
It is not free site, so I don't write about details. But if you register as a paid member of this site, I want you to read it.

First of all, the day he wrote this article at February 1st. It is the day of their group debut on 2012.
On 2016 February 1st, they greeted the fourth anniversary memorial day. Their fans celebrated the memorial day, of course I did.
At that time, he wrote amazing article, and its content made us so happy!!!
It looks like a gratitude to fans, but it is included his idea, "Everyone loves me and A.B.C-Z."
This is so unfair! I can't come to another word.
"Yeah, it is regretful but we love you." I thought. And I thought we could never win against him.
Even though, his this idea doesn't sound like a sarcasm.
So, I think this mysterious power is the best charm point of him, and as for it,  "Aisare-ryoku".

I am often said by many friends, "Gocchi is like a swamp". His attractive, "Aisare-ryoku", drags us into his swamp!
Thus, the person who dragged into his swamp will be not go out! Of coarse one of the person is me.

If you read my article and you are interested in him, I think I want you to know his charm point, "Aisare-ryoku".
Then, you will like him more!!!

Thank you.