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Happy graduation

This article is written to participate in the below activity.



The magazine “Da Vinci” was published on March 5th. The current number includes two special issues, one is Arisugawa Arisu, who is author renowned in the field of mystery novels, and the other is A.B.C-Z, who are my favorite group.


If anything I have the serious image to “Da Vinci”. Of course, it is when I compare the magazine, for example: about Japanese idols, and about health and fashion of women,   appeared them usually.

One of the members, Shota Totsuka, had a serial publication in “Da Vinci”, was about one year and a half ago. He is a reader, and he also is the fan of Kotaro Isaka. This matter is famous in their group’s fans. And their fans have known he likes to write articles and story. But we didn’t think, at least I didn’t think, he has a serial publication in “Da Vinci” because they were obscure Japanese idol. He wrote about him and themselves deeply that they never talked to the magazines of appeared them usually in this serial publication. So, I am very glad to tell to give him opportunities to write about specific themes.


This issue was planned to graduate planning to end of his serial publications. I’m glad of even this. In addition, this month’s number was covered by A.B.C-Z! It is so honorable. I really appreciate to editors of this magazine to plan their special issue and to be covered it by them.


Because I want you to take this magazine, so I can’t write about details in this issue. But outlines of this special issue are followed:


・Background of group

・Messages from famous people who are associated with them

・Messages from their fans ( This message was gathered from an online questionnaire.)

・Interview about the play “ Netorare-Sosuke” and “ Coinlocker-babies”

・Personal interviews

・The stage report of “Johnny’s world” (They appeared this stage until January 2016)

・The novel “ A.B.C-Z

・Talk of all the members


I think you understand these articles are very heavy! These articles were written through 26 pages. I’m so happy about it.

Many messages from famous people gives readers addiction to them, I think.

And a few messages, I don’t read it without my tear. My recommend messages are from Taku Suzuki (He is a master of ceremonies of their TV program) and Kiyoshi Yamamoto (He is a supervision of their TV drama). This two person’s message includes a lot of nice words. When I read them, I was really happy. I don’t know what I tell the gratitude to them.


Secondly, a personal interview is really interested. Normally, they appear magazines which treat Japanese idols, health, fashion, and so on. The most of issues dealt with there are casual. Deep and serious contents are not talked into it. I think it’s because these magazine’s many readers are teenagers, students, and young women. So they may not like deep and serious talk.

When I read Koichi’s personal interview, I thought a lot of things. In part of them include what I thought of him until then, and what I hope he is able to be a good talent in the future. All of the members talked about unusual talks. These are deep and serious. Personal interviews they talked are deeper than ordinary one. If you have an opportunity, I really want you to read them.


Finally, I really appreciate Kazushige Abe, who wrote the novel “A.B.C-Z”. Mr. Abe is a famous author won the award of Akutagawa. It is also honorable to be written the novel by Mr. Abe. I hope this novel will be a movie sometimes. Of course, just now is OK! I think he doesn’t know them well, but its novel was so great! Their character that in the novel suits all of member’s one each other. If they become a famous Japanese idol group in the future, I want to see this movie. Then, I want to supervise this movie is Mr. Yamamoto.


I don’t write all my impressions of this magazine “Da Vinci”. There are a lot of addictions for them from many people. What I thought is they are loved many people when I read it. I wrote Koichi’s “Aisare ryoku” at one month ago, but other members also have this power. They are loved by many people now, but if they become more famous and popular, what will happen? I look forward to seeing it.


You can read the editor’s note to move below link.


I want you to read it and to get this magazine.

If so, I think you can feel a lot of their fascinations!