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Heaviness of one Japanese fan

ジャニヲタ英語部speaking第13回&writing第4回のお知らせ - 咲き誇れ。

“If you wear the blue clothes, unless you have a Japanese fan of others, I think you are my fan.”

My favorite talent, Koichi Goseki, told us in the interview before. So, I often wear a blue clothes or have a blue accessory when I go to their concert. It does not to appeal to myself, it is to tell him his fan (in the case of me) is here, and the people who cheer him are here.

Japanese fan (in Japanese say UCHIWA) is important in Johnny’s concert. One of the roles is to get fan service for talents. But I think UCHIWA is the tool to tell them for their fans are here.


About six years ago, I saw one boy. His name is Ryo Hashimoto. Maybe he was nine or ten years old then. He was in the group “Snow Prince a chorus “. He was so cute, so I thought I’ve cheered for him.

The growth of boys is very fast. Of course he is. He stood many stages and concerts, and had many experiences. He grew up steadily. When I saw him the first time, he was a little boy. But he has become an adult little by little.


I have decided UCHIWA that I have are only my present favorite talent’s and previous favorite talent’s. So I haven’t had other people’s it, no matter how I get good seats. This is my rule.

But I have also decided if Ryo becomes a high school student, I would hold his UCHIWA. It is to tell him thanks of having worked hard so far.

Perhaps, what I think will not be understandable. The one says, “You like him, so you should become a fan for him”, the other says, “You are wrong to hold UCHIWA that not your best talent.” The sense of value is each person. There’s nothing you can do about that. But I want to tell him appreciate.


My friend got tickets for Sexy Zone Concert in this spring.

I wish he would join this concert. But I don’t know whether he joins it or not. So I made his UCHIWA to hold my wish and went to the concert.

The concert started. Some song had been finished, Ryo appeared on the stage.

At last, I could hold his UCHIWA on his performing stage.

I was glad to see him and to hold it. I had not thought I was so happy to hold UCHIWA. What he might think was one of his UCHIWA, but what I thought was very important it.

His performance was very cool. He looked like very fun.

I was so moved that I saw his performance. And to tell him thanks of having worked hard so far. It was the first experience for me. Maybe I will remain this experience and his performance in the future.


This time, I really felt the heaviness of one UCHIWA.

I want to remember it from now on.