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Our important and fabulous center

In this article, I'd like to introduce A. B. C-Z's members.
I wrote about Koichi Goseki, my favorite talent, but I had never written about another

So, I'll introduce them to you in turn!

The first person I'd like to introduce is Ryosuke Hashimoto.
He'll be 23 years old on July 15th. He is the center of their group. He is the youngest all of them and his member color is red.
He hates to lose. When he joined their former group,"A. B. C.", people who were fans
of "A. B. C." were very strict with him. Because his dance was not so well and he was thought that he took many song parts of them.
But he was a hard worker and never gave up. He was recognized little by little. 
The former group," A. B. C.", they could not think they can debut. It was also talked from themselves recently.
But when Ryosuke took part in them, they combined for growing him, not only his dance skill and acrobat skill but also the one excellent person. It brought them up that there was him. I think it was one of the factor to lead to their debut.
So, nowadays, I think he is the most important person when I tell you about their group.

He has many charm points. Especially his song skill is the greatest weapon, I think. He likes singing. His voice is easy to hear. It's so cozy. And sometimes it gives us many impression. For example, it's sexy, cute, cool, and strong.
The other points, he is very friendly to all people around him. He is tall, sexy and cool,
but his character is very cute and a little clumsy! The place gets brighter when he is there.

When he joined this group, he was only 15 years old. He was a mere boy at that time.
But now, he has become an excellent gentleman, I think.
He likes performing as well as singing, he always says. I hope that he will become more fantastic person and get more success!