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Thinking about summer


In my Johnny's fan life, summer is the special season in a year.  The beginning happen, I have thought is since July 23rd, 2011.
I called this year’s summer is the period not to see a point. When it is now, it might a funny episode, but that time, I couldn’t laugh.
On July 23rd, 2011, the accident happened in Aoyama theatre. There was playing “PLAY ZONE 2011 SONG&DANCE”, the accident happened at one of the songs in the second scene “A.B.C-Z”, performed by A.B.C-Z.
This song’s performance  used stage devise “trap room” (in Japanese says “Naraku”).  The end of this song, they jumped into the trap room and disappeared on the main stage.
In July 23rd, they also performed this song and jumped into the trap room. Then, Fumito injured his left leg. He’d never returned on stage that day. And the next day, the announcement that he injured his leg and he stopped performing this show was told us.
That time, people around them were changing their situation.  I felt it was the time of the game for them. But this accident robbed the opportunity for them to perform all members.
I was so shocked that I fell into the dark.
I had a special thought to PLAY ZONE 2011. In this show, A.B.C-Z’s members, Fumito and Koichi, were given the song “Kanpeki”. They took charge of main part this song, when I watched this song first time I moved to their position. And I love their combination, symmetry, so I was glad to see it. Fortunately, I watched this song on July 8th, the first day of this year’s PLAY ZONE, but I never watched it this summer.
In addition, the next day that this accident happened was the recording day on DVD.
The next day, on July 24th, Tomoyuki Yara performed in place of Fumito. He has little time to memorize this song, but his quality was so great. I’ve been no match for him. It looked like his song at the outset.
I thought it was great and moved, but I wanted to watch “Fumito and Koichi’s Kanpeki” in my heart. I didn’t know what to say.
After a while, Fumito’s injury cured, and they held the first concert in Yoyogi gymnastic. And then, they debuted. So that is a good memory now, but I couldn’t laugh at that time.
Actually, I dislike A.B.C-Z and summer combination.

In 2010, Fumito injured his leg. But it was not severe, so he came back the stage four days later. In 2011 as above. The next year in 2012, Tsukachan injured his leg. Anyways, I have the worthest impression to their summer. (In 2014 and 2015, the stage that was not good impression played, but I will tell you this story some other time.)

This summer, in July 24th, A.B.C-Z’s fan club started.
In fact, I didn't expect it. So I was glad to hear that.
And new A.B.C-Z's fan getting in love about three years ago are easy to get their concert and stage tickets.In the movie which is watched in Family Club, they seem to be pleased. So I want to see it early.
Then, I was able to come to like A.B.C-Z and summer cobbination. 
Thank you, conglatulation and please keep in touch!